Monday, December 11, 2006

The Goose is Getting Fat

While I am huge fan of many pictures on knitting blogs, and will often disregard one for lack of pictures, the technology is currently out of my reach (read: I have pictures on my camera and I am not entirely sure how to get them on my computer and from there onto the internet). At any rate all the knitting I am doing right now is Christmas knitting and I don't want to put pictures of that up on the off chance someone in my family sees it. It would seem that that would be damn near impossible, but my mother has an improbability drive that rivals none.
This year is the first year I am knitting everyone something for Christmas. Usually one or two people get something handknit and everyone else gets something rather boring. This year though I planned ahead and started early. I ordered all my yarn online in October and started knitting. I can now proudly say that everyone is getting something. Those getting socks are all at least getting one sock. I am now going back and knitting the matching sock for all sets, but at least no one will be completely without a gift. I do enjoy knit picks yarn. Very inexpensive and good quality. I have never been disappointed in knit picks and I would recommend them to anyone.

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