Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Done and Done

Pattern: Mystic Kelp by Cass White
Yarn: BMFA STR Mediumweight in Lunasea
Needles: Size 1, two circs
Finished: 4.24.07
Notes: medium size, no significant changes to pattern. Quite possibly my best gusset stitches ever. This was achieved through a pure fluke and while I managed to repeat it on the second sock I don't really know why it turned out so well. I usually pick up the whole slipped stitch along the heel flap and knit through the back loop. This time I picked up only the outside loop, picked up all the stitches before knitting them and knit them so they were twisted. The strange thing is that both sides match exactly, and I've never had that before. Usually one side is clearly going the opposite way of the other.
I also did all my SSKs in the new fancy (read: tried and true for many folks) way I learned at camp. I slip the first stitch as to knit and the second as to purl and carried on as normal. Now my SSKs match my k2togs much better and don't look nearly so wonky. You can admire them in the picture above along with my gusset.
Like I said before this is not yarn that I would have chosen if it weren't for peer pressure, but I'm pleased with the outcome. I like the striping/pooling thing I've got going and the delightful squishy-ness of the fabric in the snakes and ladders (or mystic kelp) pattern.


Knit_witch said...

Well done. They are gorgeous! I'm jealous. I wonder when the BMFA girls will release the pattern? I must have these socks!

Tan said...

I love your socks. If you think imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then I think I will flatter you and knit my Lunasea into the same pattern! When I get it . . .

Cass said...

Christine, they're beautiful, you did a nice job! I hope you like wearing them as much as I like mine :) It was good meeting you at camp.

Cece said...

Awesome! My gusset stitches on that socks were also better than average... wonder if it's the heel (eye of partraige <= can't spell)? I don't think so - but fun knit, right!?

Alice in the Heartland said...

Just cast these on and the Silkie shows up in the mailbox. How to choose? Glad I have other needles so I'll be working on both this week. It was fun meeting you at camp and I hope we all can do it again next year. Hugs and Happy Knitting, Alice

tapmouse said...

Hey-I didn't learn that ssk at camp!-lol! And now it's too late for me to try it on mine! But I did pick up my slipped stitches the way Stephanie taught us: scooping towards, then away...I was amazed she only picks up one of the loops, too. So far I'm really liking my Mystic Seas-the heel flap with the decreases really seems to have a nice shaping/look to them, too.


Christine Olea said...

I definitely enjoyed the decreased on the heel flap more than I thought I would.

tapmouse said...

Hey, Christine,

I'm now starting the toe on my first sock. Is this a star toe? Never done one before and have always *thought* I prefer my standard decrease with kitchener. Did you do yours as per the pattern? The toes look great and I'm going for it-as written!