Thursday, May 10, 2007


That's right folks, I'm done.

Pattern: Knee High to a Grasshopper by Chrissy Gardiner. I did the grasshopper size.

Yarn: Silkie Socks that Rock in Walking on the Wild Tide. The latest installment of my Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rockin' Sock Club.

Needles: Size 2 for the toe, sole, and heel, size 1 for all the lacy bits and the ribbing at the top.

Alterations: I didn't make very many significant alterations. I used Judy's Magic Cast On from Knitty, and Dumbledore himself would be proud of this cast on. I reccommend it to everyone for toe-up socks or anything resembling toe-up socks.
I added a 'design feature' on the toe as well by not knitting the extra four rows after reaching the right number of stitches. Some people on the Rockin' Sock Club blog have been worried about the lacy part rubbing up against toes, and if I had had more forethought or had read the pattern closer I probably wouldn't have this problem. We'll see if it turns out to actually be a problem.
I only did one set of increases, which I probably could have done without, because I was worried about the socks being too big. So far they are staying up just fine, but we'll see.
I also kept the twisted stitch seem all the way through the ribbing. I can't get enough of that seam, I love it and definitely think it makes these silky socks even sexier.

This silkie sock yarn though, holy cow my life is complete. I ordered some in the Titania colorway to make the Titania pattern, but with silk, thus making it even better. And don't get me started on this colorway. I love it. While I don't think I would have picked this one, I do think that I would have looked at it, admired it, thought about it, and then chosen something I liked just a little bit more. Yet another reason to join this club, I have colors and yarns forced upon me; this is good for me and my olive drab tendencies.


Cece said...

AWESOME! Love your socks!

Jen said...

They look fantastic! Love the pattern -- did that come from the sock club too? I'm still browsing for a sock pattern for sockapalooza -- I like the way this one breaks us the STR striping. Way to go!!