Sunday, July 15, 2007

I've said it before...

...and I'll say it again, Cat Bordhi is a genius, unrivaled in her time. She says you won't be able to get enough of these baskets in her book and she is 100% correct. I've made 4 and that just isn't enough. I'm not generally one for making projects multiple times but this one is so quick, easy and delightful that it is hard to resist. I want to have one for every step of my staircase, just like Cat does in the picture in her book. This one, however, is for a gift. I love gifts like this because people think you slaved hours and hours and did some very tricky knitting to make them this, when really it took a total of about 4 hours and I can't get enough of this basket anyway.

Pattern: Moebius Basket from the Second Treasury Of Magical Knitting by Cat Bordhi.

Yarn: Cascade Eco Wool for the base and bits of random leftovers for the handle. All held double. _

Needles: size 13
You may have noticed that one side has a row of brown at the top and the other has a row of purple. This was completely intentional. (read: I ran out of brown halfway through a row and switched to purple.) I do like how it looks though, adds just a little interest to an already fabulous pattern.
The handle is also a little longer than it really should be, but that's because the yarns felted at different rates. I do all my felting by hand and I simply couldn't stand over a bucket of hot water on a hot day churning a plunger anymore. The size of the handle doesn't really detract any, and you would only notice if you compared to the basket already on your desk.
Because everyone loves a before and after shot:

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