Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Lavender Green

Lavender Sachet

Yarn: Bollicine Sissi, 70/30 Kid Mohair/Polyamid

Needles: size 2

Pattern: Lace chart from A Gathering Of Lace. Its from a pair of socks at the end, the book is upstairs and I am downstairs. I did the 13st bold pattern.

Notes: This one has the pattern on both sides, no particular reason, I just figured since it wasn't a picture it wouldn't necessarily need to have the pattern on only one side. I did this in the round with a three needle bind off at the top. Then I filled it with lavender and sewed it shut. There is a good reason there isn't a close up of the seems, but since it's just going in a drawer anyway I'm not too fussed.

The yarn is a little to camoflauge-y to me, and it would certainly detract from a more intricate pattern. As it is I'm just testing things out. I used larger needles because the mohair really called for it. I'm not worried about the lace escaping through the yo holes, mostly because it is so fuzzy.

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