Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Getting a job that expends almost zero mental energy has done wonders for my knitting. That and the crazy amount of snow days that have prevented me from going to work, thus expending even less mental energy. I have had so much time off that I have cleared out my knitting basket completely. Totally void of any project.

Luckily I have this in store:

Thats, count 'em, 13 skeins of Koigu. I have never actually worked with Koigu before but I am really excited. Super duper excited. This was chosen by my Aunt (who has exceptional taste, as she chose it without even knowing just what Koigu is) to make a short-sleeved top. And I desperately hope there is something left over for me.

The two major projects I just finished are still blocking and in need of minor embellishments (read: buttons and a moose) to be completely done. A full report to come. I did however do some felting during my snowbound days. A couple vessels done with a single skein of Di Ve Autunno, 100% Merino. This yarn is very soft and felts exceptionally well. If I thought I would like a sweater knit with Autunno I would make one in a heart beat. I love the softness and the wide stripes it creates. The first one is a pencil holder for my dreary desk at work, my favorite part is the surprise on the bottom. Why needle felted embelleshments haven't taken over the knitting world is beyond me. I can't get enough of them! The orange one is currently holding all the yarn labels for recent projects.

This last yellow one is made from Cascade Indulgence, 70% Superfine Alpaca, 30% Angora. This one took forever to felt. I would even like it felted a bit more, but I think I would still be felting it if I didn't stop when I did. It created a very soft fabric though and I like the picot bind off on the ruffle a lot.
ps-I am still working on the whole format thing...so forgive my lack of any sort of technologic skills.

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