Thursday, April 19, 2007

Lunasea is right

So, like most campers, I picked up my Lunasea yarn and my pattern to make our whale-watch socks. While it isn't yarn that I would necessarily have chosen I do enjoy immensely the way it is knitting up. Being the (occasional) rogue knitter that I am I didn't do a guage swatch. I cast on for the medium size on size 1 needles. After about 4 rows I tried on the sock and it seemed huge. Like child hat huge. So I ripped it out and tried the small size on size 0 needles. This time I waited for a whole pattern repeat to try the socks on, too small. Like child sock small. Then I tried the medium size with size 0 needles. This time at least I could get it over my heel, but still too small. Now I've just turned the heel of my medium size socks knit on size 1 needles. The irony of the colorway being called Lunasea and the pattern being called Mystic Kelp is not lost on me.

Now that I have myself all sorted out I can say that I definitely like the fabric on size 1 needles better than on 0s. I think the mediumweight str really likes 1s or 2s best of all. I haven't tried lightweight, but I have some waiting patiently (my first Jaywalkers I think) and I suspect size 0 will be perfect.

In other news I tried intarsia in the round last night and while some of my stitches are a bit wonky(I blame the funny needles and lack of passion for the yarn, certainly not user error), I gotta say those Swedes are really on to something. I definitely see argyle socks in my future.

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