Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I ordered this yarn to make the Syncopated Cap from the new Interweave knits and it came yesterday. I was all excited about my color choices:

Then I saw this on my desk and I realized that I was all wrong and orange is really the color to go with Walking on the Wild Tide.

The question is not really whether or not to order more yarn, the question is whether or not I can justify it, and wait for it to arrive. I really want to make that hat.
In other news. I'm almost done with my second tofutsie Monkey sock, and I've already decided what my next pair will be made of:
This is a Socks that Rock Mill End I got at Camp Cockamamie, and I'm pretty certain it's basically the Sherbet colorway. I chose this one because I was all hopped up on expanding my color choices and I think the brilliant rays of color emanating from this did more than temporarily blind me. This is the brightest yarn I've ever owned and I'm really excited for my flourescent Monkey socks, here's hoping its not the last project I ever make.

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