Sunday, May 27, 2007

Strike the bell Mate

I have officially re-joined the ranks of Those-Who-Make-Yarn. I learned to spin years ago from the mother of my dear friend. I span (spun?), plied, made a hat and never looked back, or really anywhere for that matter. I wear the hat all the time and always told myself that my lack of spinning was from lack of supplies which stemmed from lack of space; and for the most part that was all true. Thus I have taken up the spindle (still no room for a wheel and my transient lifestyle doesn't really suit a wheel anyway). And now I once again have my first yarn.

It's not very much, but it is my yarn and that is good enough for me. It will sit in a place of honor and glory in the studio at least as long as it takes something better to come along.

And my first singles made from Blue Face Leicester roving I got at Madrona. Admittedly I don't have much to compare to but what everyone says about the BFL is completely true. Soft and lovely and all things good in the world. I've heard, and it seems to be true, that it is a good fiber to learn on.

Yes those are knitting needles but they were free and fancy dancy noste pinnes are not; again with the budget. Besides there's a picture in The Bible of exactly the same thing. If Priscilla can do it so can I!

(will add pictures when blogger is done being cranky.)

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