Wednesday, June 20, 2007


So I have this yarn.

Specifically Walking on the Wild Tide and Sunstone in Silkie Socks that Rock from Blue Moon Fiber Arts.

I was so excited to make the Syncopated Cap from the newest Interweave with this yarn. I love how the orange goes with the bold colors of the Wilde Tide. I could stare at my two lovely cakes of yarn sitting next to each other and it would never get old.

Enter the problem. They look pretty terrible all knitted together. Really terrible.

Enter the options. I can carry on, and hate the hat and never wear it. I can rip it out and try knitting with both ends of the wild tide switching every row, or I can use the wild tide with the red I originally bought to go with it. I am leaning towards using both ends of Wild Tide, mostly because this means I don't have to rip out my lining and neat hem. The hat lives another day.
In the meantime I will anxiously await the arrival of my next sock club installment.

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