Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Random Things

As I have nothing to say about knitting today (only very boring wedding knitting happening) I am going to hijack another meme and tell 7 random things about me.

1. I mistype my name about 40% of the time, by now it is muscle memory to mistype my name. In my defense my name is 17 letters long, which is a lot.

2. I had never purchased black clothing for anything other than a band or orchestra concert until last year. The only times in my whole life that I have worn all black was for a band or orchestra concert of some sort. On occasion I put on all black, look at it and change something.

3. I am something of a professional seasonal employee. Since graduation I have not had a job that lasted more than 5 months and I have not lived in a single place more than 5 months. Except for right now, I am on month 2 of a seasonal job, but month 7 of living in the same spot. There is no moss under my feet.

4. I play the bassoon and I recommend that everyone force their child to play some sort of instrument at least through high school; the rarer the instrument the better. I got a lot of money to go to school and play the bassoon, but I firmly believe that if I played the flute I wouldn't have gotten any money, or not nearly as much.

5. Once in the summer between 5th and 6th grade I rode my bike from Seattle to Portland. There is this annual bike ride called the STP (Seattle To Portland) and my family was really big on bike riding so I rode my bike from the King Dome to somewhere in downtown Portland. It took two days. There were lots of people passing me on the second day that had little blue stickers on their numbers indicating that they were doing it in one day.

6. When I rule the world there will not be mandatory military service, but there will be 2 years of mandatory customer service. Before the age of 30 or so every last person will be required to spend two years waiting tables, serving coffee, or answering phones. I firmly believe that this will lead to politer people and less useless complaining and outright rudness.

7. I hate bobbles. I have only done one project with bobbles and the only texture in the entire thing was bobbles, it was allover bobbles. Thus the bobbles lost their horrible bobble-ness. I don't mind the making of the bobbles, I actually kind of love it, I just really hate the look of bobbles.

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