Monday, September 24, 2007

Plan A: Don't Suck

Plan B: Stop sucking, stick to plan A.

So far on my contract we've mainly stuck to Plan A, no need to stop sucking, we haven't started. The internet on the other hand skipped straight to plan B and hasn't stopped sucking. Therefore I don't have any pictures. Just kidding, I now have pictures and have added them where appropriate along with more details now that I am properly rested.

After Ilwaco we headed up the river to St. Helens, near Scapoose home of Blue Moon Fiber Arts, my socks definitely felt at home. On an 1812 Privateer it is necessary to fire upon any and every port. We love us our carronades.

After hanging out in St. Helens for a few days we came further up the river to Portland for the Second Annual Pirate Festival. So awesome words can barely begin to describe it. An entire two days dedicated to talking and dressing like a pirate. Oh, and cannons. No pirate festival would be complete without cannons. The gunner even let me fire a couple off.

We were also sure to hang a Pirate from the yardarm to show everyone what would happen should they choose to mess with us.

No proper Pirate Festival is complete without a giant inflatable Kraken. Luckily this was a proper Pirate Festival.

As the Purser onboard the Lynx I am responsible for the ship's store. This entails setting up display items of what we sell and sitting in the main saloon chatting with people and taking money should they decide to purchase something. This also means that I have a lot of knitting time. So far I have finished Sock 1 of the Christmas socks, the first sock and half of the second sock of the most recent sock club installment. Before I got on the boat I spent a lot of time thinking about what knitting to bring but I was secretly worried in the back of my mind that I wouldn't have much time to knit. Then I found out that my job entails me sitting sometimes for hours on end and what better way to fill your time? As if working on boats wasn't enough fun, I get to knit while I work.

Tomorrow is crew day off and I am lucky enough to have friends in town so I'll get to see them then we are heading back out the river stopping in St. Helens and Ilwaco again then down to San Francisco. By that time I should easily have my second Rocking Sock Club sock done ready to adorn my feet in the foggy San Francisco Bay.


Jenn said...

Wow. That sounds like so much fun!!!!

Linda said...

Congrats on your famousness! I read your felting article and can't wait to try your method. Your boat trip sounds awesome. And how great is it that you have time to knit while on the job?! Pirates too--Aarrgh!

Anonymous said...

Aah! You're on the Lynx? I'm the fool that passed up serving as the ed coordinator in favor of grad school.

Why yes, I do kick myself like EVERY DAY for that.

Mary deB said...

Arrr, where can I get me one of those inflatable... thingies? I came here via knitty, but I will be back to follow your adventures!