Monday, August 20, 2007

Undulating Kaffe

Take 'one more row' multiply by 'one more color' sprinkle with rain and a mindless job. Steep for 2 shifts.

Kaffe Fasset is one of those designers that I've always liked but never had a desire to actually knit. I love that you can pick his designs out from across the room, I love the colors and textures, but I just don't have the desire to actually put any of his designs on my body. Then I heard about Mr. Fassett's affair with Regia. Finally something of Kaffe's design that I would actually wear. In my usual fashion I coveted the unborn Regia-Fassett children until I promptly forgot all about them.

Then, while trying to kill some time, I entered a Not-So-LYS in a search for something else entirely. My first stop in any yarn store is the sock yarn, conveniently located by the door in the particular store. I saw the Regia-Fasset children and I had to have some. The long list of projects waiting to be cast on didn't even enter my mind as I looked through the pamphlet (free with purchase) and decided which ones would be coming home with me. I picked Landscape Earth 4255 for me and Mirage Storm 4250 for someone for Christmas.

I've had my eye on the Undulating Rib pattern in Favorite Socks for awhile now and the perfect opportunity presented itself. Who was I to resist. Penelope and my Brother will just have to wait. I can already tell these will be consistently on the top of the pile.

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