Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Undulating Odyssey of My Brother's Sweater

Nothing has been finished this week Chez ChristineOlea, though much progress has been made on several different things.

Kaffe is Undulating along nicely. I have, however, reached a crossroads. The first sock is finished and the leg is just on the wrong side of too tight. I can get it on my foot, but not with ease. Do I knit the second one on a size larger needle and rip the first one back and do the same? Add a pattern repeat to the second one and rip the first one back and do the same? Or just carry on and only rarely wear socks that I would otherwise wear all the time because they don't quite fit. I think the only good answer is going to involve ripping back, taking time to do it right and all that. I may have to set them aside and let that idea steep for a bit.

The Odysseus Sweater has grown by leaps and bounds. The sleeves are all attached (both of them) and let me say that the second sleeve is not nearly as painful when the sleeves are only 4 inches long. Short Sleeves Huzzah! Using my new stitch dictionary courtesy of Babs Walker I added a little lace insert along the raglan seams and everything seems to be going nicely. I have to ask Penelope what sort of neckline she wants. The good part about finally reaching the yoke is that every couple of rows I decrease 8 stitches so it only gets shorter.
It looks a bit goofy on the needles but I think a good blocking and Penelope's delightfully zaftig figure will make this sweater work.

This actually is quite an attractive red, though like all reds it is difficult to capture on film. Especially with my lack of effort and care.

I've been swatching and swatching on My Brother's Sweater. By the time I actually start the sweater I'll have knit a sweater's worth of swatches. I thought I was finished and ready to cast on, but I don't think I am. The colors just aren't quite working, though another trip to the yarn store and a couple more swatches ought to remedy that. Then I can order yarn from various sources and actually start.

That and Ravelry has taken more time that it really should. The novelty should wear off soon but the knowledge that more people are joining weekly and adding their projects and such means that it is constantly new and changing with all sorts of wonderful things to look at.

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