Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Like sands through the hourglass

The landscape is changing here at the Second Sleeve.

Firstly Christmas is coming and I've already done the whole bit where I wrap an unfinished project, needles and all, and tell the recipient she'll get it when she gets it. Last year I started nice and early and this year is no different. I also happen to be at a good place to start with Christmas, having almost nothing else on the needles. Since this is the internet and this blog is public I won't be posting what I'm making for Christmas. I will, however, put it all on Ravelry since you still need an invite to get in there and no one in my family has one.

Secondly I'm going back to work on boats. I'll be working on the Privateer Lynx and I'm super excited. A side effect of working on boats is less than regular and reliable connection to the outside world. I already don't post that often, but after September 12th it will become even less regular. This coupled with Christmas coming will likely change the content of yee olde cheshire blog. I've been thinking about how I post and what I write for awhile, so we'll see if I actually do anything about it.

And now a tantalizing glimpse at what Christmas holds for my family. This is all the yarn I need to make fabulous gifts for my entire family except one. I still haven't finalized what I'm making for one family member, but I am blessed with a small family and only need to worry about 7 people to encompass them all.

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