Thursday, September 6, 2007

Sweater Swatch Saga

I have finally come to a sweater design for My Brother's Sweater. I've been working on this like crazy for the last couple weeks and I've finally made it. This whole process has sent me back to school and the agony of writing papers.

1. Go to the library. Check out a lot of books, especially from inter library loan (they come from further away and are thus better). Feel as though a lot of work has been done something has really been accomplished.

2. Wait a week or so. Page through a few books. Take some notes, always cite your sources.

3. Write something while secretly denying that it is a little bit crap and not quite what the teacher is asking for. Pretend loudly that it is really good and clearly everything the teacher could possibly want.

4. Suck it up and revise. A lot time went into the first permutation and it is so good there is no reason to give it all up. Secret denial of it's suckiness continues along with the loud proclamations of it's fabulousness.

5. Time is becoming an issue. If this paper isn't finished soon the teacher will be so disappointed and there won't be much point in getting up tomorrow. Much revision and effort have provided an abundance of material, more than could ever into any one paper. The final version is in there somewhere waiting patiently to get out. If only it would make an effort, all the work wouldn't have to come from this end.

6. Suck it up again. Write one more version and swear it will be the last, whether or not it's crap. Time is of the essence and there isn't a lot to spare.

7. Wish fervently that this was the final copy, but the time for secret denial is over. Merry Christmas anyone? Sense of pride and 'if you're going to take the time to do it take the time to do it right' kick in. Damn the man.
8. Rejoice in a successfully designed sweater. One that the recipient will happily wear, not just the first thing that came to mind. No secret denial here!

9. If the teacher doesn't like it he better have the good sense not to say anything.
I leave for work on the Lynx in 4 days and now I can take this sweater with me. Phew. My hope is to give it to my brother for Christmas, as he is expecting more for his birthday in 2009 or so it should be a good surprise. Now that it is all designed all I have to do is knit the damn thing. And design some ribbing. and... and...

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